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Conker Sews Up Blogger Engagement

We can always rely on Simplicity sewing patterns to tap into a trend: and with lingerie taking the sewing world by storm, our favourite sewing pattern specialist has joined forces with sewing blogger of the moment, Maddie Flanigan, to create a line of gorgeous patterns. By pairing an-of-the-moment pattern with blogger buy-in, Simplicity has the [...]

Game On – Pokemon Go: Marketing Marvel?

Pokémon Go has been taking the UK and much of the world by storm. It was a mere two weeks ago when the world seemed an altogether quieter place; without streets full of people endlessly throwing pokeballs, visiting pokestops and an endless stream of ever more and more bizarre news stories. Pokemon Go marks a [...]


  We are delighted to announce that Conker has been appointed by Raleigh, the iconic bicycle brand. Tasked with handling the PR and communications for the Raleigh’s UK offering (, our remit spans both consumer and trade PR, helping get people on their bikes and ignite the nation’s love of cycling, as well as supporting [...]

Facebook Likes Face Fresh Competition

  The most recognised symbol of Facebook’s social media platform, the ‘Like’ button is about to face some competition! The latest news storming the world of social media is the introduction of emoji-style reactions – allowing Facebook users to express exactly what they think of the latest breaking news, video content or a company’s post. [...]

Blocked: A Look Behind the Reasons for the Rise in Ad Blocking

Online advertising transformed the internet; it allowed massive companies to offer their content for free – from news titans such as CNN to search giants such as Google. However, we’re now at a point where one in ten users choose to block adverts in one form or another and the adoption of ad blockers is [...]

Drawing a Crowd: Crowdsourcing – Ten Years On

  It was in 2005 that the term crowdsourcing started to become accepted by dictionaries as a recognised portmanteau of the words ‘crowd´ and ‘outsourcing’. Ten years on, we take a look to see how this process has been utilised by individuals and organisations the world over. Crowdsourcing is a simple concept: it is the [...]

Why good grammar stands the test of time

I think I may have discovered a new hero: Professor David Crystal, linguist and writer, editor, lecturer and broadcaster. Driving into work this morning, I tuned into BBC Radio Manchester’s Breakfast programme to find out what was happening in the region today. Presenters Phil Trow and Alison Butterworth were encouraging listeners to contact them with [...]

Emojis: Marketing That Goes Beyond the Message

  Marketing is built around communications and in an ever increasingly digital world; more and more of these communications are transmitted through text. A major flaw of text based communication is that the tone is often difficult to make clear. We’ve all sent that SMS or email that’s been misunderstood. This is where emojis come [...]


For many of us, Christmas isn’t truly Christmas until the adverts start rolling onto our TV screens and as people in the world of PR we meet this time of year with double excitement, keeping an eager eye on which Christmas adverts top the most mentioned list! This year’s surprise winner – for this week [...]

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