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Outsmarted by Ourselves?

Have you ever been lost for words? Whether it’s in conversation or writing, it’s happened to us all at times. Sometimes that word is on the tip of your tongue and other times you just don’t know where to begin – there’s nothing quite as intimidating as a blank page. This problem is now part [...]

Repetition, Repetition and Repetition

Repetition is everywhere in the natural world, from the stripes on a zebra to the leaves on a tree. It is no surprise that humans have evolved to work with and learn from repetition. Do you remember learning at school by repeating information? Repetition is what gives poetry its punch and Warhol’s work its wow-factor. Marketing [...]

Conker’s new website goes live!

Here at Conker HQ, we’ve been working hard with First Internet, delivering a complete re-brand and launching our brand new website…and here it is! Having opened our doors over eight years ago, we wanted a website that showcased our years of experience, breadth of knowledge and the impressive work Conker has achieved in that time. [...]

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