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For many of us, Christmas isn’t truly Christmas until the adverts start rolling onto our TV screens and as people in the world of PR we meet this time of year with double excitement, keeping an eager eye on which Christmas adverts top the most mentioned list!

This year’s surprise winner – for this week at least- is Sainsbury’s ‘ Mog’s Christmas Calamity’ a ‘charming tale’ about an unfortunate cat, penned by renowned author Judith Kerr.

Shared 458,118 times this week alone, it’s certainly caught the British public’s imagination – telling the tale of Mog almost ruining Christmas day for the Thomas Family, with their day then being saved by the kindness of their neighbours.


Snapping at the heels of this year’s offering from John Lewis – Man on the Moon. Teaming up with Age UK to highlight loneliness, the advert follows the story of a young girl who notices a lonely old man on the man, sending him a gift to show that he hasn’t been forgotten this Christmas.

Shared 306,447 times in the last seven days, John Lewis has fought off tough competition from last year’s extremely popular Monty the Penguin advert.


Fighting back to re-claim its top spot of the Christmas ads, John Lewis has kicked off the next stage of its Christmas campaign, showing a behind the scenes clip of the advert, driving home the message of loneliness with Dame Helen Mirren stating that ‘a million older people can go a month without speaking to anybody’ – marking the first time that John Lewis has teamed up with a charity. It’s a tear jerking moment that could see it reclaim its spot as king of the Christmas ads.

Watch this space!