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Conker Sews Up Blogger Engagement

We can always rely on Simplicity sewing patterns to tap into a trend: and with lingerie taking the sewing world by storm, our favourite sewing pattern specialist has joined forces with sewing blogger of the moment, Maddie Flanigan, to create a line of gorgeous patterns.

By pairing an-of-the-moment pattern with blogger buy-in, Simplicity has the trend all sewn up.  65% of consumers say a brand mention within a blog will influence their purchasing decision: bloggers are without doubt an influential crowd in the world of sewing, and a network that Conker has been speaking to over the years for Simplicity….with some great brand alliances as a result.

 Here are just some of the highlights:

-          News of our Simplicity Blog Meet hit 7,000 screens!

-          150 blog features covering Simplicity over the last 18 months.

-          Our Simplicity sewing challenge received nearly 400 pattern requests

-          60% growth on sewing challenge entries the previous year: and consumer call to open up more categories.

-          Over 23,000 views of Simplicity’s masterclass clips

Our latest campaign, Simplicity Stitch by Stitch, sees bloggers sharing their making tips on Simplicity’s own website…bringing with them a real sense of community: something sewing is all about.  With The Yorkshire Sewist leading the way, the queue is already around the block to be the next spotlight sewist in the Stitch by Stitch series.

The feature has gone down a storm, with many other stitchers getting in touch to say they’ve purchased the lingerie pattern now they are armed with a step-by-step guide to completing the make, as well as 80 likes on Instagram, reaching over 2,000 people on Facebook and becoming the third most read Simplicity blog post.

We couldn’t agree more with the Craft and Hobby Association, who say: ‘’Professional bloggers are a valuable asset to the craft industry as multipliers and influencers.’’

Could blogger endorsement prompt sales in your sector?  Call Conker for a chat:  0161 445 9837.