Brand building

Whether you’re a well established brand that requires refresh and rejuvenation or a start up struggling to translate your values and USPs into a strong brand personality, Conker will get down to the grass roots of branding, to help you parcel up your offering in a way that makes your services or products a ‘must have’ to those with purchasing power.

Positioning and perception

We’ll help you get it right, with:

-          Brand reviews
-          Identity overhauls
-         Corporate identity design and brand development
-         Straplines and soundbites
-         Cohesive copywriting for everything from websites to adverts, and from emailers to  corporate literature.

On-message communications

Once your brand reflects the very essence of your business, Conker will ensure that every word written about your company, every image published, every tweet tweeted is on message and compellingly representative of your brand personality.

Ever ready to engage

Experts in finding the perfect home for your brand, Conker will carve a you a niche and leverage PR and marketing strategies to build your brand, raise awareness and boost engagement….keeping your company where it should be – top of mind at all times.