Content Marketing

Content marketing is certainly not a quick fix, and it’s absolutely not about ramming sales messages down your unwilling potential customers’ throats. Well, that’s that cleared up, but what exactly is it about, then?

A marketing buzzword for writing, curating and sharing interesting, lively, well written information with your audiences, content marketing is exactly what Conker does best.

We’re firm believers that if you’re communicating relevant, meaningful content with your audiences, you’re well on your way to engaging with them and ultimately subtly influencing their purchasing behaviour.
According to the Roper Public Affairs – one of the world’s leading research companies – 80% of business decision makers prefer to receive company information in a series of articles versus an advertisement.

As to how you convey your content to your audiences, content should be king, whatever communications channel you’re working with. Conker gives content centre stage across:
- Media relations
- Direct mail
- Email campaigns
- Social media
- Blogs
- On page content

Imagine being in a position where your clients and prospects actively look forward to receiving your marketing material. Call Conker on 0161 445 9837…we’ll make it happen.