5th FEBRUARY 2021


My first month at Conker





I’m Emma, and as you may have guessed – I’m the latest Conker to join the team!


Starting any new job can be tricky, starting a new job in lockdown¬ is a completely different story.


I’d already been working in a fully remote way for the last 9 months and was only too familiar with online meetings, so when I joined Conker in January I thought the timing was ideal as lockdown was lifting.


Boris had other plans.


I managed to make it in for Day 1 before we headed into lockdown part 3.


My first day was also the first day back after Christmas break, which added to the post-Christmas chaos of getting back into a regular routine.


With no other option than to get stuck in, here’s what my first few weeks looked like…


The sponge phase


The team were super-organised and had my laptop set up and ready to go. I spent the first few hours getting up to speed on the client accounts I would be working on, as well as the internal systems we use daily.


As I reached the middle of the week, I’d met my clients (digitally, of course) started to pick up some of the work for them (no time like the present) and become accustomed to how the Conker team runs a tight ship.


Absorb. Everything. The most crucial lesson to learn when starting somewhere new.


As the week rounded off, I’d wrapped up the work I’d got stuck into. Put together some fun content ideas for Conker (because it’s important to ‘market’ the marketing agency). Set up my diary and task list for next week and generally made sure everything was ready for the second week.


The real work phase


After the initial first week of getting to grips with everything, the real work kicked in. With campaigns launching and clients channelling more into their marketing efforts, it was action stations all round. A real baptism of fire.


As Account Manager for Content and Digital, I’m familiar with spreading myself over many platforms. I’ll be crafting copy one day and the next I’ll be digging into numbers for reporting. I come from an agency background and so am used to no two days ever being the same, which suits me as I like to mix it up.


And the rest is history. The weeks have flown by so quickly I often forget I’m still the newbie.


It’s a strange notion; starting a job having only met some of my colleagues a handful of times, yet feeling like I’ve been here for months already.


The ‘what’s next?’ phase


Well, there are some exciting projects in the mix for Conker. Our clients come from an array of industries across both B2B and B2C, which means we’re always kept on our toes to stay ahead of new trends.


And it pays off. Conker recently won ‘Best use of PR’ in the CIM Marketing Excellence Awards. It goes to show what a tight-knit and dedicated team can achieve. I’m already looking forward to what comes next…


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