1st FEBRUARY 2022


Account Exec Charlotte talks about her unusual induction into Conker’s ways of working



In this blog post, Charlotte, our lovely account executive who joined the team at the start of the year, tells us what it was like to be welcomed into the Conker team with an induction that was true baptism of fire: a team day on Conker Ways of Working, which was packed with discussions, dinner and darts. (Spoiler alert, Charlotte turns out to be as much a demon on the dart board as she is a true pro marketeer)!


Fresh out of a history degree from The University of Manchester, via a role building a website for a leisure company, I was drawn to Conker for the sheer variety of clients we work with and the excitingly fast-paced work environment – a perfect match for me! As I was to later find out at my first Conker Team Day – a point which I will return to with greater detail later in this blog – the dynamic approach of a marketing agency translates into a fierce game of darts!


My first week at Conker as an Account Executive was marked by the excitement of getting to know the team, getting stuck into work, plus a slight shock at the early starts of working life. Luckily, I now relish early mornings!


I was soon scheduling and writing social media content for our clients and working with designers to bring ideas and concepts to life. Since my early beginnings at Conker, I’ve broadened my horizons to various strands of marketing: publication advertising for a B2B client, SEO, email marketing, internal comms, video marketing and more. Alongside drawing on my creativity to write long and short-form tailored content for our clients, I’ve been introduced to the more analytical arms of marketing. I look forward to expanding my skills, which is helped by the fact I’m surrounded by many great minds to draw on in the Conker office!


To my delight, I joined Conker at the same time as Nishma, our newest Account Director. On joining Conker, Nishma said:


“I’m excited to work with a fantastic team at Conker and to develop strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients. The Conker Day was the perfect opportunity to get to know the team and it really set the tone for life at Conker!”


We were both excited for our first Conker Team Day. Hosted at King Street Townhouse, we experienced a jam-packed day of teambuilding, planning and discussing. It was a fantastic opportunity to deepen my understanding of the clients we work with and how to play to our strengths to best offer a tailored service to each client’s specific needs and goals. The day was also a great chance to get to know my fellow Conkers! Client-servicing-based discussion was peppered with activities such as building a statue from spaghetti and marshmallows, plus my personal favourite: blind-folded Lego building. With the help of account director Anna, who guided me through constructing mini Lego creations, we beat everyone else to the finish line. On and off the Lego-building arena, we make a great team!


One activity particularly helped me deepen my understanding of the team. Anonymously, using sticky notes, we all had to write down our goals and ambitions, strengths and weaknesses, and how we prefer to receive feedback. Even though I was so early on in my time at Conker, I was pleased to find I was already matching up the sticky notes with the right people thanks to the discussions we’d had earlier in the day.


From King Street Townhouse, we cut across a few streets to Flight Club. A host of darts games awaited us: Demolition, Shanghai, Quackshot and Killer, the latter causing much rivalry. The fun of the Conker Day extended into the next day when we received the action replays back from Flight Club to find Sarah was bestowed the title of top killer – a reluctant title, she says!


Following the competitive darts game, we were unsurprisingly ravenous for the delicious food at our next stop, Habas. This Middle Eastern restaurant was the perfect end to a day of teambuilding, debriefing, and fun. I now look forward to progressing and developing at Conker – and defending my place as Conker’s top darts player!

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