31st March 2020


Customer Communications Proves Crucial in the Face of Coronavirus Pandemic


As the Coronavirus pandemic has struck the UK, companies across many sectors have suddenly found themselves battling colossal challenges amidst a constantly-evolving situation. Whilst lockdown has meant a temporary shutdown for many businesses in the leisure and retail sector, other industries are facing an unprecedented demand for their products and services. With this peak comes the massive challenge of maintaining effective customer communications.


For companies operating in wide-ranging fields – from home deliveries through to building security, cleaning products and services, industrial workwear, PPE, masks, surgical gloves and tissue products, home exercise equipment, e-learning services, and critical areas of manufacturing, to name just a few – the increased demand resulting from the Coronavirus outbreak has brought to the fore production and supply issues which are creating logistical headaches in boardrooms up and down the UK.


Add to that the increasing demands – via social media, email and telephone – from established and potential customers wanting to know when their requests will be fulfilled and this creates an immense strain on marketing departments often much more accustomed to a steady, largely predictable work flow.


Customer messaging has never been more crucial and for a time-poor management team committed to getting much needed goods out of the door, the important task of devising and implementing agile and robust customer messaging is best entrusted to experienced communications practitioners, like the Conker team, who have extensive knowledge of message management and timing.


Many company websites are struggling to communicate vital information to a new and rapidly growing customer base. Website upgrades – such as Coronavirus information landing pages and regularly refreshed news updates – need to be carried out quickly and efficiently. Calling on the services of skilled communications experts who are distanced from pressing supply and logistics issues brings objectivity to the table and professional training, which enables them to remain cool and calm on your behalf, despite rapidly changing developments.


Integrated communications specialists such as Conker – with an in-depth knowledge of the full armoury of available marketing tools – ensure that the right communications platforms are employed at the appropriate time, with carefully calibrated content in order to deliver consistent and reliable customer messaging. Drawing together various customer communications strands to work in a cohesive manner supports excellent reputation management for the company – after all, what customers want most is to be kept informed.


We are carrying out a wide range of bespoke Coronavirus communications activities on behalf of our clients. This is what Gary Pratt, executive consultant for Creamline, says about our work:

“We couldn’t have asked for a more responsive communications partner to have at our side during the Coronavirus outbreak. Conker anticipated and responded to our business’ and our customers’ needs with a communications plan that continues to keep pace with challenging and constantly changing circumstances.

‘’The Conker team has provided excellent strategic input and has been swift to respond on a tactical level, as new situations arise.


‘’Flow of information is clear, concise and timely across all our relevant comms channels. Conker has played a major part in supporting our in-house team, to ensure they can continue with their vital core work. Their actions have also helped support our customers and suppliers to ensure that Creamline continues to provide a much-needed doorstep delivery service to as many doorsteps as we possibly can throughout the North West in these difficult times.”


To see the campaign behind our delighted client’s testimonial, and explore how your business would benefit from heightened communications activity during these challenging times, contact Sarah Wallwork our MD: sarah@conkercommunications.com to find out more.


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