11th JANUARY 2019


Keeping in Step with Emerging Marketing Trends in 2019

It’s that time of year again when marketing activity comes under close scrutiny. Strategists are developing step-changing approaches, disruptors prepare to, well, disrupt and innovators embark on fresh activity to re-energise their company’s offering. It’s increasingly challenging out there, so keeping across the latest trends and cutting through the noise to overcome your company’s specific marketing challenges is essential.

Marketing plans need to bring added value at every turn, they need to contribute to the customer experience, hit pre-agreed goals, add to the bottom line and make a company stand out in a crowded marketplace. ‘More of the same’ need not apply.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be scrutinising some of the marketing trends we believe will work hard this year. Look out for our analysis on what’s getting the sector talking in 2019:

  • Customer ‘listening’ and turning analysis into meaningful marketing insights.
  • How small and medium businesses can really personalise their communications well…
  • Making the most of micro influencers.
  • The touchpoints that matter: how on and offline marketing should work hand in hand.
  • Social campaigning – getting behind your tribe.
  • Does your brand really need to back visual and audio search?

Fancy a chat? Being there for your customers – can your business sustain a chatbot?
At Conker, we develop marketing strategies that align with our clients’ challenges, targets and aspirations. Whilst we are in tune with the latest marketing techniques, we only adopt them if they fulfil a client need. We develop inspired solutions that, put simply, will keep our clients ahead of their competitors.

Call on Conker to Crack Your Marketing Challenges

If that sounds like a marketing approach you’d appreciate, then call in Conker to develop goal-driven, bespoke solutions that deliver meaningful results.

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