Key Objectives

Secure national coverage to promote trial and user endorsement of Haibike’s unique e-mountain biking experience, targeting high net worth adventure-seekers and the luxury lifestyle sector.

Net share-of-voice for these amazing machines in quality nationals and luxury lifestyle media.

Pique interest and secure coverage in adventure sports magazines and aspirational titles for adrenaline ‘addicts’.

Heighten Haibike’s visibility in mainstream mountain biking media – strong competitive intrusion strategy.

We delivered:

Coverage in major national newspapers, radio & TV including:

Conker delivered:

Consistently on target, on message editorial coverage in quality nationals, adventure sports magazines, techno titles and aspirational media. Coverage secured in the campaign raised the profile of Haibike with the target audience, reaching beyond traditional mountain bikers.


Television appearances


National features in 1 month


Opportunities to see in 1 year

Observer Motoring & Cycling columnist Martin Love on Conker

“Over the years I’ve featured several of Conker’s bike brand clients in my Observer Bicycle of the Week column, including Haibike E-Mountain Bikes. Conker certainly know their stuff – they’re totally tuned into what I’m looking for.”