Communications strategies that build your brand from the inside out.


Your people are your most powerful asset; we’ll help you develop a team of champions.

Employee engagement

Bringing the whole of your business on the journey: from your employer brand and employee value proposition to internal communications, Conker has it covered.


Employee engagement surveys and focus groups don’t always tell the whole story when they’re delivered from within a business. We bring an impartial, confidential external process, giving the team the distance to share honest opinions. Only with honesty as the starting point can your business drive meaningful improvements to engagement. From understanding the gaps and glitches, we build a hardworking internal communications strategy.

Employee Value Proposition

Securing, keeping and developing the best talent. It’s what every business wants, isn’t it? We’ll design a compelling employer brand and employee value proposition that sells the experience of being part of your team.


From building brand perception and highlighting company values at recruitment stage through to retention of talent and personal development, Conker creates a polished experience that turns your business into an aspirational place to work.

Internal communications

We’ve supported businesses through the hard times and the good. From getting the truth about employee engagement, to weekly updates, cascade briefings, training sessions and internal newsletters, we create an open flow of two-way communication. We love getting feedback about how much employees look forward to opening their weekly bulletins.


The openness and honesty of genuine communication brings a sense of shared purpose and integrity to your business. Which all goes to help you build a team that really cares and engage people who want to give their all.