Strategic thinking & clear vision.


We blend business insights with a commercial, creative approach to deliver integrated campaigns that power success.

Marketing Insights

We help your business make better decisions by distilling data to reveal meaningful insights.  It takes analytical excellence and clarity of thinking to make research and data worth the spreadsheet it’s written on!


At Conker, delving into data to deliver that golden nugget is second nature.  Gaining a true understanding of your business challenges and goals, we make market intelligence, Google Analytics, ad campaign data, customer behaviour analysis, focus groups and user surveys work hard.  Turning data to insights is our foundation for developing a truly targeted marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy

From an informed starting point, we’ll work with you to set a strategy that delivers on your goals. 


Whether you need a marketing strategy developed from scratch, or you use us as sounding board to hone a plan that’s already in place, our approach is as agile as our thinking.  Each Conker team brings our own marketing specialism: we pull together to create an integrated strategy.


We weigh clever, cut-through ideas against bang for buck because your business needs to demonstrate growth and ROI from your marketing & PR investment. 

Business growth planning

Experience from in the field perfectly places us to support your business in growth planning.


We have secured investment, developed projects & businesses, learned the hard way and propelled businesses from zero to hero.  We love helping other businesses on the same journey.


Call on Martin, our joint MD, for a chat, or take a look on Linked In to see more of the experience that makes him the man to deliver.

Analysis & evaluation

Analysis and evaluation is the glue that cements our creative thinking into goal-focussed action & we’re our own harshest critics.  Driven to over-deliver, we constantly evaluate and hone our campaigns to squeeze the absolute best from your budget.


Setting relevant KPIs, developing and tracking the right goals, knowing what a conversion means for your business on- and off-line, pulling in data from multiple sources to drive performance. All these elements are at the heart of Conker’s campaign analysis and evaluation to keep your marketing at peak performance.