Marketing lessons from Emily In Paris?



Mon dieu! There was only one way to kick off 2023 for Team Conker, and that was with an Emily In Paris TV binge (well, for the team members with the most discerning Netflix tastes, that is).


For those not au fait with the streaming sensation, the series follows marketing executive Emily Cooper as she navigates a new life in the French capital after making the move from Chicago, tackling several hurdles that her work at a marketing agency throws her way.


Now, we may not see sense in many of Emily’s choices (romantic, sartorial or otherwise), but we have to admit, whilst Conker’s marketing experts are worlds apart from Emily’s M.O., there is a thing or two we admire about her marketing style. Hear us out…


  • Be where your audience is – Emily is the first to turn to an Instagram Story. But, she has a point – social media is one of the key ways that brands can interact with and engage their audience directly. But choosing the channels that will resonate with your audience is crucial – and content is key.
  • Quality and creativity – you have to hand it to Emily, she’s never short of ideas. But to make sure a campaign stands out from the crowd, you need to think outside the box. What’s important is staying oriented towards your target audience and remembering that your content needs to be researched, relevant and right for them.
  • Speaking of which, Emily always makes a point of listening to her audience before she begins planning a campaign, such as running polls to gather market intel before coming up with a concept. Remembering that, as marketers, we don’t see the world and our product like the consumer does is vital when starting out with a marketing strategy.


Et voilà! It is however worth bearing in mind – if anyone guarantees they can make your campaign go viral, they’re probably lying. Unless they’re Emily Cooper.

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