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Telling the story of the Vitality Netball World Cup 2019.

Create a PR strategy to boost ticket sales

Target hard-to-reach audiences with bespoke media campaigns

Drive interest with key milestones in the run up to the tournament

Broaden the appeal of netball with new & wider audiences

Building momentum to boost ticket sales

An unforgettable 100 Days To Go milestone event.


100 schoolgirls share their life goals.


With 12 appearances across BBC outlets in 1 day.

10 months of top tier media coverage

Extensive Health & Fitness, Teaching & International media coverage reached niche audiences.


Online readership of 780M.

Beyond the brief: influential multimedia coverage

Top tier influencers engaged younger audiences & tapped into contemporary plaforms.

Zoella takeover.


Influential BBC voices.


Top 6 ranked podcast.


Tickets sold


Pieces of quality coverage


Online readership

“Conker’s well-planned and highly creative PR campaign played a vital part in smashing the Vitality Netball World Cup’s 100,000 ticket sales threshold. The results speak for themselves with coverage across national, regional and niche media platforms. Thanks to the Vitality Netball World Cup 2019 PR campaign, netball took centre stage and has never been featured so prominently in the national media.


“Conker’s energy, enthusiasm and application really impressed the team and their milestone- driven events were planned with military precision. The Conker approach helped us to succeed in celebrating our sport, amplifying the four key pillars of the campaign and winning the hearts and minds of a whole new generation of netball fans.”

Lindsay Impett, Event Director