1st JUNE 2020


Conker set up UCI BMX Supercross World Cup for success before pandemic paused play


Conker’s social media campaign for UCI BMX Supercross World Cup 2020 was working hard for British Cycling – before the pandemic stopped play! Due to take place in April 2020, Conker raised awareness of the event, building engagement through an impactful Twitter and Instagram campaign with some serious results. Here are some highlights from our work…


Breathing life into old platforms

Taking the event’s dormant Twitter platform to new heights, we ramped up activity in the key sales periods. With Conker on board, impressions exceeded 64k in one month, with highly engaging posts driving ticket sales.

Starting from scratch on Instagram, we made the most of rider quotes, clips and photography to capture BMX fans’ imaginations. With 740 profile visits and an organic boost of 362 followers, the campaign was successfully raising awareness in all the right places.


Capitalising on key moments

Conker’s campaign grabbed key calendar dates by the horns – ramping up activity around key dates including Black Friday and Christmas. Supporting promotions and rolling out engaging competitions, our work made noise on social which was reflected in ticket sales.


Collaborating with third parties

As the social media platforms had been dormant since previous events, Conker’s challenge was to resuscitate them with an organic campaign. Capitalising on the vibrant BMX community, we collaborated with BMX social media groups and shops with engaged local followings – reaching the Manchester-based event’s geographic target area across the North West was key.

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