1st AUGUST 2019


Welcoming two new Conkers to the team


We’re delighted this week to welcome two new team members to the growing Conker office.


Simge Vurtak joins us as our Digital Marketing Manager, bringing extensive global creative agency experience, having managed digital accounts for international household brands ranging from Under Armor and Special Olympics, to The Body Shop and Mitsubishi. Simge’s hard earned, on-the-ground expertise is supported by an MSc Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing.


Our lovely new account executive, Jenna Masih joins the team fresh from the University of Manchester with a degree in English and Drama. Jenna will be supporting the Conker account team across PR, social, events and more, with her magic way with words and impressive organisational skills.


We’re looking forward to introducing our new starters to clients: it’s all about the fit at Conker, so we searched long and hard for the right additions to the team and we hope you’ll be as impressed as we are. In the meantime, over to Jenna and Sim to introduce themselves and share their first impressions of life at Conker.




‘’I’ve just finished my English Literature and Drama Degree at the University of Manchester, and despite being a proud Londoner I’ve decided to stay in Manchester for the foreseeable future. After I finally realised that I needed to accept the fact that I couldn’t stay cushioned under the, extremely comfortable, safety blanket that is student life; I found Conker through my relentless job search.


‘’A few months later and I’ve just finished my first week at Conker! It’s been an exciting and enlightening week, and with the team’s continued support I’ve been able to dive in headfirst, writing several blog posts and social media posts across various industries. As well, I’ve been getting involved in the planning work of several new client projects in the pipeline, which is brilliant to be a part of.


‘’Although I may struggle to wake up for the early starts, it’s been wonderful to be immersed in the fast-paced world of marketing, with the help and support of the Conker team, who have not once (as of yet) moaned, sighed or raised an eyebrow to my relentless question asking- but instead have made me feel so welcome and supported.


‘’I’m looking forward to finding out what else Conker has in store for me!’’


Simge said:


“Can every single person in a company be extremely helpful, supportive and hard-working at the same time? Well, without any exception it is the case here! Finding out about Conker was interesting in the recruitment process, but starting to discover them in real office-life has been fantastic.

I believe that I will gain a lot of real-life experience, working with a large range of different company profiles and offering them exceptional digital strategies with customised implementation tactics. I’m confident that Conker will be one of the main milestones in my career as they pay special attention developing strong and long lasting relationships with clients and team members. I’m sure that together we will deliver create great campaigns!”

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